the last with microsoft

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Microsoft to Issue Critical Internet Explorer Patch Today.




Pay Pal Questionnaire

Published November 28, 2012 by journey to web design and to a self made business

1. Explain why website payment standard is;


a.  Fast: it’s fast because it take up to fifteen to add the button to a website.


b. Easy: It’s easy because it only takes some copying and pasting of HTML code in the area where you want the button placed on your site


c. Low Cost:  It’s low cost because there is no setup fee. Plus the business owner doesn’t have to pay any additional fees until after the first purchase has been made from a customer.


2. Which are the four different methods pay pal can accept?

a. Credit Cards

b. Debt Cards

c. Pay Pal

d. Checks


3. Do you need to have a shopping cart to use pay pal? Name 5 compatible carts with pay pal. No it’s not required to have a shopping cart to use pay pal. The 5 compatible carts with pay pal are:

a. Add to cart

b. Buy Now

c. Donate

d. Subscribe

e. Checkout


4.Are applications, set up, or monthly fees required with pay pal? None of these fees are required with pay pal.


5. With pay pal do you need to store and protect customer’s sensitive financial information? It’s the customer’s choice.


6. Is a long-term commitment required with pay pal? No long-term commitment is required to use pay pals services.


7. Does every customer require a pay pal account to make payments on your website? Customers have the option of entering their credit card information for payment.


8. Briefly explain what happens after a customer reviews the order in your site and proceeds to checkout? The customer is then sent to a secure pay pal page to enter their payment information. After submitting for payment the customer then receives a confirmation page to print a copy for their records.


9. Explain briefly if the pay pal check out can match look and feel of your own site? There is and area in the pay pal account setting where you can customize the background, layout and even add a company logo.


10. Briefly explain what encryption is and why pay pal encrypts your business and customer information? Encryption is when you scramble up code so that only the ones that authorized have access to them information. Pay Pal uses encryption to prevent fraud from happening to the customer or business.


11. What are the three steps to integrate a pay pal-shopping cart?


A. Create a pay pal account.

B. In the integration counsel provide the email you use to open the account

c. Add a button


12. What is the pay pal transaction fee? The transaction is a percentage of a purchase.


13. Name five additional feature of the pay pal-shopping cart?


a. Supports large orders.

b. Express shipping and payment

c. Security

d.  Helps separate accounts


14. If your client doesn’t want to use pay pal can you explain what other e-commerce hosting services you can offer. You can offer payment by credit card

e-commerce and web hosting

Published November 26, 2012 by journey to web design and to a self made business

Shopping online is the new thing of the future.  Soon there will be no reason to leave home. E-Commerce actually stands for electronic commerce. The principal use for e-commerce on a site is to help in the marketing department with the buying and selling of a product or service online.

There are many things to consider when including e-commerce on a web site. The most important one is the web host. This is more important for the small business that is looking to expand. You want to make sure the web host is secure for both you and you customer.

Another thing to consider if the host is flexible with what the business want at any point in time that you don’t stay locked in one format. Also make sure that it’s user friendly for the customer.

Including ecommerce in a site is helpful to a business that is just starting out.

It helps with concentrating on the technology side of things. Such as funds transferring, Internet marketing these is just some examples.

E-Commerce is most popular with web developers and designers. This makes it easy to create individual accounts made per client. This also gives the ability of having a form of organization for the business owner.

E-commerce & Marketing Essentials Social Media

Published October 31, 2012 by journey to web design and to a self made business

There are three major content management system and they are wordpress, joomla and Drupal. . Now you might be saying I thought all the content management system all work the same way. There are slight differences. So here we go.

The first one will be covering is wordpress. To be honest I would have it is the simplest content management systems to use. Word is not just a CMS it is also a place to blog about a topic of your interest. Their CMS concentrates on PHP and SQL.

The second CMS that is mostly used is joomla. . This CMS also uses PHP to help publish to the Internet. IT also helps create a mobile version of a website. A man who ran a non-profit organization developed it in 2005.

Drupal is the final one I will be discussing. It is considered more of the framework of a CMS. Which has to do with all the position of elements on a page. Not very many people choose this option. They find it more difficult to use then the other two because everything done in medullas.

There are different types of sites that are built with these content management systems for different purposes. The first one is for a communication .An example of a communication site for social media is facebook.  Facebook is a way for people to keep in touch with the family to be able to keep them up to date on any events.

The second type of site that can be made with these three content management systems is collaboration / authority building site. An example of this type of site is newsvine. This site helps confirm facts of a historical event.